SPT Package

by ramadaspt, November 6, 2014
  • Higher Consciousness  Meditations are the Vedic Meditations to bring about the alignment & balance in the body. It centers the mind towards the Source of all life forces. These meditations are meant to spring the Spiritual Awakening within you. It enhances the communication between the body, mind & soul.
  • Visualization, is the mind’s journey towards the Inner Self with the aid of Third-Eye. It cleanses the emotional body and creates a space for the Spiritual Awakening.
  • Higher  Consciousness Healing is a process of re-birthing your True Self. It is the connection of mind to soul. Here the mind takes a glimpse of the Soul, heal those fragments of Soul which are creating pain and restore the Truth of Self.
  • Energy  Healing is a process of releasing the negative energies the mind and body holds onto. These energy knots hampers the flow of energy in a body & being. These simple yet effective tools create a huge difference in routine life when applied.
  • Angel  Therapy is where you call upon the Angels to work with you as your friend, philosopher and guide. Life is filled Ease when you regularly call upon them and allow them to Heal your life.
  • Connecting  with Mother Nature is one the fastest methods to heal oneself – inside out. The rejuvenate properties of Nature is known to all. But when blended with Higher Consciousness Meditations, it creates wonders & miracles.
  • Alternative  Therapy are simple and effective tools to aid the journey within.
  • Alkaline Organic  High Energy Chakra Foods are uniquely crafted and creatively invented foods which cleanses, balances, aligns the High Energy Portals in body called Chakras.
  • The Spirit yearns the play & joy in each activity done by the mind & body. It is essential to give joy to the body as a vehicle of Spirit. Here the body vessel is indulged in complete relaxation, detoxification and rejuvenation to prepare it for the Spiritual Awakening.
  • Re-creative Rejuvenation is the time to indulge in the Creativity of Soul. Here you nourish your soul by engaging yourself in a Soulful activity.
  • High  Energy Vortex Tours are distinctive custom-made Tours to some noteworthy High Energy Spiritual Vortexes. High Energy Vortex is an area of powerful Earth energies originating from Spiritual Sources. These areas are also sometimes considered to be gateways to other realms, both spiritual & dimensional. They are said to expand the consciousness and boost the spiritual skills.
  • Karma  Healing is a blend of Cosmic Laws & Cosmic Intelligence. Karma Healing is a one to one process where in each Soul’s Karma is identified and healed. Karma Healing is an essential step to evolve physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Body  Spa is a tool to pamper the soul’s vehicle and nourish it. It emphasizes the importance of Body as the Vehicle of Soul.
  • Day  Closing is one of the most important moment of the entire day and its schedule. It creates a platform for contemplation of the Higher Self while we are sleeping. Day Closing is unique, simplified tools or techniques which allows the Higher Self to create the evolution and contemplation on which evolution is based.
  • Abhyangam, is term referred to Ayurveda Massage technique, using the 5 elements of nature viz. Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Ether to balance the presence these elements that make our body.
  • Acupuncture, is the age old Chinese way of physical rejuvenation by infusing ‘Chi’, also pronounced as ‘Qi’. The ‘Chi’ is infused in the body by putting micro-needles in the energy portals / meridians of the body.
  • Healing  Chakra Music is the Vibrational Healing Modality. The healing vibrations associated with each chakra aligns them and opens them.