FoodAlkaline Organic High Energy Chakra Food (AOHECF) is a Lifestyle, and not just a diet. A lifestyle that touches a chord with the Spirit. Birthing from the Mother Nature’s womb organically, it nourishes the Body biologically, enhances Mind concentration and reduces Soul Karmas.

AOHECF embraces the core essence of Mother Earth as well as Father Heavens, providing the nutrients, expelling the toxins, and balancing the heaven & earth within. It cleanses the Chakras, aligns them and nurtures them. Being Alkaline AOHECF has multifold energy which expresses itself in the light & blithe mind & body.

Each menu item of AOHECF has been a creative joy!

It represents all the cuisines of the world and yet it is in itself ingenious and novel. Each food item is a Creative InveFood1ntion of Love Energy. Each ingredient, right from being ‘picked up’ in its raw state represents the Love Energy in action. From being individual ingredient it is transformed to an uniquely crafted piece of excellence. At every step of preparation special care and exercise if done to infuse Love Energy. And thus it is an example of unique craftsmanship blended with organically picked alkaline chakra constituents.

AOHECF is an integral part of Conscious Eating. It is about experiencing the food, especially the pleasures of food. You are being trained to eat food mindfully, being conscious.

AOHECF is the de-facto standard for your breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and the drinks served to you under the Spiritual Pilgrimage TourismTM